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My Participation in Social Media

September 9, 2010 4 comments

It’s hard to remember a time in my life hasn’t been affected my some sort of social networking.  It has become a part of the lives of the vast majority of people.  There are many advantages and disadvantages to this type of media.  I won’t be discussing this part about it, but I do want to share how I used social media and some advantages to public relations.

I participate in Facebook, a podcast, blogging, and I just recently joined the Twitter phenomena.  I use Facebook for both my social life as well as networking professionally.  I have had a sports talk show podcast for the past year and a half.  Having a podcast has really giving me a chance to get my name out and has help people who would never usually hear my ideas enjoy my opinions. 

My blog that I have been producing for the past two years is dedicated to the outdoors and mainly fishing.  I share thoughts, tips, and reports on my blog.  It gives a sense of self-worth and really lets me get my brand to more viewers.

I encourage everyone, especially people who are interested in PR, to reach out to the world of social media.  It can help your name to more people than you could ever imagine.  (It can be fun too!)

-Josh M