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The World of Twitter

September 28, 2010 2 comments

Before my corporate public relations class I had never even had an account with Twitter.  I knew the basics of this social media monster, but I had never experienced it for myself.

I took the challenge from my professor to immerse myself with Twitter for one week and I would like to share what I have come to realize about this form of social media.

First, since I had just started my account I was following nobody and nobody was following me.  This changed really fast as soon as I started experimenting and searching for people to follow.  I definitely got more out who I was following instead of who was following me.

I was interested in  the countless links to articles or websites that I views in the tweets of the people I was following.  I learned so much about PR just through following certain tweets to other sites.  I read many interesting blogs, articles, and websites.  I also was shocked how much news I got from just reading tweets and following the link to the articles.

Not only was twitter very informative to me, but it was also very entertaining.  I follow some comedians and what they say sometimes gave me a laugh when I least expected.

Going into this project I was a little reluctant.  I wasn’t sure how Twitter was going to help me in my everyday life.  To my surprise, Twitter was actually very interesting and informative to me.

I tried to post meaningful tweets and not just what I was having for lunch.  I felt like I should have tweeted more, but I feel like tweeting less, but with more meaningful information is a good thing.

Overall, this experience has change my view about Twitter.  I know feel that Twitter can be used both professionally and recreationally.  It can be a great tool for professionals and especially PR Professionals.