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September 19, 2010 1 comment

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Crisis Management

The fact that a crisis situation is most likely going to happen is so true.  Every PR professional that I have talk to has told that crisis will happen, but it’s important how you deal with them.  I think preparation is key in these situations and I like the tips that you give in your post.  I think it so important, like you said, to know what a crisis is.  I also think that your point on controlling the agenda is very important becasue if you don’t control it and outside source probably will.  Overall great post. I enjoyed reading it.

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How to Do Your Best in Public Speaking!!

I like your tips on public speaking.  Public speaking has always been very challenging for me.  I like you tip about stopping if you’ve made your point.  I have listened to too many presentations that have just gone on for too long.  When people are repeating their point over and over the speech to me seems to lose a little of its impact.  I think public speaking is a huge part of PR and I’m really glad you added these tips to your blog.

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Why Read PR Blogs?

An Everyday “Whitness” of Public Relations

I really like this post about reading PR blogs.  I love to read PR blogs because it gives me different opinions and perspectives of the world of PR.  I really like how you added how students can benefit from reading them.  Searching for a career is a huge part of a college students life.  Reading other PR blogs is good advice for PR students or anyone interesting in the field of PR. 

Thanks for your insight!

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My Interview with a Manager of PR


This is a really informative post because it gives a in-depth look at a true PR professional.  I enjoy reading these types of posts.  As a PR student I try to get something out of reading blog posts and this post gave a lot of informative points.  I liked how you listed her key points.  All three of these points are something that I’m going to try to apply professionally when I get the chance.  Also I found that most Pr pros say “writing is essential”. 

Thanks for a informative post.

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The Value of a Fire Drill

Waxing Unlyrical


This post was really informative for me as a PR student. The “fire drill” idea seems like it would help many people and companies. The importance of preparation can be overlooked, but it may be one of the most important components of PR. Crisis is a reality that is almost guaranteed to happen. This fact in itself is a good reason for preparation. If this advice is taken, it would save a lot of turmoil for many people.

Again, thanks for the informative post. I will definately put it to good use in the future.



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What’s up with Social Media ? by Whitness07

An Everyday “Whitness” of Public Relations

I also feel that social media has revolutionized the world of news and communications in general.  I like when you said that social media can make news outlets interactive with people. I think this aspect is so important these days because people want instant gratification.  With social media, updates can be instant and a person feels like they are getting up-to-date information.

I also agree that social media is changing the world whether we like it or not.  I think it is a tool that many professionals can use to be more effective in their field.

Great post!! Keep it up.

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Friend or Foe? by Female Perspective

Female Perspective

September 19, 2010

I think social media can greatly help or hurt a company. I understand the concerns that some CEO’s have with social media. I honestly think that there are more advantages than disadvantages. The fact that the company is getting their name into the public without sounding too formal is very effective. This benefit overcomes any fear of negative publicity that might arise. Also, social media is a good way for a corporation to have a two-way relationship with their publics.

Great Post!

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