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Crisis Management in Public Relations

My corporate public relations professor asked each student to review a chapter in our textbook.  My chapter was Crisis Management.  I learned many things about this issue, but I would like to highlight three points.

  1. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.  I learned that a crisis situation will most likely happen to each and every PR professional.  One can’t predict when these are going to happen, but one can prepare for when it does.  Preparation will help the damage to be minimal and end quickly.
  2. Tell the truth, tell it fast, tell it all.  It is important for a PR professional to tell the truth and to never lie to the public.  Also, it is very important to tell the whole truth.  If a professional tell part of the truth or withholds fact it can be detrimental to the company.  If a PR professional doesn’t tell the whole story fast and complete then someone else will tell it for them.
  3. Control the message (don’t let it control you.)  Dont let the media or the public tell your story.  Make sure to be honest, but be smart.  Don’t overconfess and DO NOT say “no comment.”

I hope this helps!

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