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Public Speaking

In the field of PR, as in most professional fields, public speaking is one of the most important aspects of being professional.  Knowing how to speak well in public is a skill than can greatly help a person their career.  I would like to share some tips that I have found to help me in my public speaking. 

#1 Be prepared.  Nothing is worse than going into a speech unprepared.  This can lead to an unorganized speech that does not hold the attention of the audience.  Everything runs smoother in a speech when the speaker is prepared for what he/she is presenting.

#2 Know your audience.  It is very important for a speaker to know who they are speaking to.  A speaker wouldn’t want to speak about something that would relate to a younger crowd when speaking to an elderly crowd. It is important to relate to your audience so you can connect with them.

#3 Dress to impress.  It is very important to look the part when you are speaking in public.  Appearance is the first thing people will notice about you.  Make this first impression count.  It may make or break your speech.

#4 Speak up.  Having a clear voice is important during a speech.  Make sure to speak loud enough that everyone can hear what you are saying.  If you put a lot of time into the speech then you want people to hear what you are saying.

#5 Make on outline.  DO NOT read your speech word for word.  This can be a huge turnoff while listening and it can seem very unprofessional.  Make a shell of a speech and go off that.  In doing this, you can sound more impromptu and professional.

#6 Be passionate.  Be passionate about what you are speaking about.  Even if you are not originally interested in the topic you have to train yourself to be.  This will make it much easier to learn about the topic ad present a quality speech.

#7 Use PowerPoint in Moderation.  Don’t put your whole speech on PowerPoint slides.  If you are using PowerPoint make sure to put only a few words on the screen.  Also, don’t use too many pictures and keep the font away from the extreme looks.  Only refer to your PowerPoint.

#8 Practice.  I have found practicing can be one of the most helpful things when preparing for a speech.  The more times you recite the speech the more smooth it will go.

#9 Be genuine.  You will never connect with a crowd if you can’t make them think you are genuine about what you are talking about.  This can be key in persuasive speeches.

#10 Relax.  It can be very scary speaking in front of people, but remember its just a speech.  Don’t let the fear grip you.  Think of something that calms you and attack the speech with everything in you.

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