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A Look at Crisis Communication

After speaking with many public relations professionals I have found that there is no typical schedule, week, or even a typical day.  I have found that there is one thing that a PR professional can count on is dealing with crisis situations.  This is something that a PR professional has to prepare for and something they have to react to very quickly.  Responding quickly is not enough.  The response that is given is most likely going to be scrutinized, so the response must be correct. 

There are many things to do during a crisis and also many things not to do in a crisis.  The way a PR professional handles the crisis will reflect on the company. 

When a crisis happens the story must be told.  Do not stay silent.  There is a really good reason for this.  If you don’t tell the story somebody else will.  The media will speculate on your “no comment” response and put words in your mouth.  The next thing is to tell the “whole” story immediately. 

Do not let the truth leak out slowly because this will cause problems for you and your company down the road.  It will look like you were withholding information from the media and this makes companies look bad.  Let the publis know that you have given them all the information you know at the time and that you will inform them on new information as soon as you are aware.

So to recap my points:

Tell the whole truth.

Tell the whole truth fast.

Don’t withhold information.

Don’t lie.

If you prepare for a crisis it will not be a way to avoid them.  Crisis is a real part of public relations and it is something that you will have to deal with on a regular basis.

This is just some information I have come across during my studies.  I hope it helps.

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