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A Look at Waxing Unlyrical

The blog Waxing Unlyrical is such an interesting public relations blog that I enjoy reading on a daily basis.  I find it has interesting information and practical advice for a PR student or a new PR professional.  Shonali Burke, the author of this blog, gives readers an interesting look at the world of Public Relations.  This blog goes past the just writing press releases.  One thing that Waxing Unlyrical focuses on is the use of social media in the world of PR.  This is very practical because modern PR is shifting toward this outlet more and more every day.

I like some of Waxing Unlyrical’s names of blog posts.  They are very catchy and seem to really pull the reader in.  Blog posts like “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of PR” and “Is Yours a Signature of Excellence”  are just a couple of the many names that stood out to me. 

Another good part about this blog is that it is not just one-dimensional.  It cover topic that relate to PR as well.  Marketing, business, and networking are just a few of the extra topics that are in the blog.  Shonali gives her blog a fun feel, but it does have helpful content as well.

In the future, I would like my blog to be close to what Waxing Unlyrical is today.  It is just a really cool and informative PR blog that any PR student should check out on a regular basis. 

The blog has definitely help me hone my skills in the area of PR and has actually made my interest in going into the field go up. 

I recommend any person interested in PR to check out this really cool blog.

Again, it is Waxing Unlyrical

  1. October 29, 2010 at 9:56 am

    This was completely unexpected and very kind of you to write, Joshua. Feedback like this really helps me know what is and isn’t resonating, so that I can try to keep Waxing UnLyrical moving from good to better and so on. Thanks so much!

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