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Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Social Media has become a huge part of culture today. Not only has in engulfed many people’s personal lives, it also has become a normal tool in the professional world as well.  There are both positive and negative aspects to using social media to promote a company.  In my opinion, the good things outweigh the bad when it comes to this type of public relations.

I can understand why some CEO’s have a hard time embraces these ideas, but I feel that social media and help a company more than it can hurt it.  Some concerns CEO’s have are maintenance, bad publicity, and much more.

I feel that if a company is going to use social media in public relations they have to do it right.  There can’t be a half-hearted effort towards this tactic of public relations.  A company has to assign someone or a group of people to be dedicated to social media.  Their jobs should be to keep it current, positive and accurate.  Many people these days go to social media for news, entertainment, and general knowledge about companies.  This is why it is so important that what the company is putting out is correct.  If it is not, the company could lose credibility with its consumers or patrons.

In the big picture, I believe that social media, though it does have down sides, can be used as an effective tool for a PR practitioner.

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